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// Package nntp provides base NNTP definitions.
package nntp
import (
// PostingStatus type for groups.
type PostingStatus byte
// PostingStatus values.
const (
Unknown = PostingStatus(0)
PostingPermitted = PostingStatus('y')
PostingNotPermitted = PostingStatus('n')
PostingModerated = PostingStatus('m')
func (ps PostingStatus) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%c", ps)
// Group represents a usenet newsgroup.
type Group struct {
Name string
Description string
Count int64
High int64
Low int64
Posting PostingStatus
// An Article that may appear in one or more groups.
type Article struct {
// The article's headers
Header textproto.MIMEHeader
// The article's body
Body io.Reader
// Number of bytes in the article body (used by OVER/XOVER)
Bytes int
// Number of lines in the article body (used by OVER/XOVER)
Lines int
// MessageID provides convenient access to the article's Message ID.
func (a *Article) MessageID() string {
return a.Header.Get("Message-Id")